Dating In The Recession

Dating in the recession has its own unique set of challenges. When neither you nor your boyfriend have your own place, you must be very creative in your attempt to find a secluded and safe makeout spot. Being a seasoned pro, I advise against city parks. Having been the victim of a floodlight being flashed on me during a particular frisky and half naked moment in my boyfriend’s car a few years back, I would not recommend this if you have any self respect and don’t want to feel like a 16 year old who has just been grounded when the stern cop voice warns, “Excuse me, city parks are closed.” It is likened to sneaking into a concert and being escorted out by a burly security guard. The thrill lasts 5 minutes until you’re embarrassed to death and realize it was borderline worth it at best. (No I have never actually sneaked into a concert, but can imagine the results would be similar). So what does a savvy adult do when they cannot afford a hotel and trying to get down without the parents hearing is not anything a sane adult would want to take a gamble on? (thanks underemployment! Winky face) One goes to Azusa Canyon when they live in my neck of the woods. Just make sure you stake out your spot early cause shit gets cray. On a Friday or Saturday night, every spot along the winding mountain road is taken by every couple screwed over by these rough economic times. If you are patient and don’t mind driving a half hour or so as you wind deeper into the canyon, Pleasuretown (as my bf calls it) can be yours. Because let’s be honest, some of us are just tired of being screwed in a bad way. Azusa Canyon is our light at the end of a dark tunnel of economic unrecovery. Just make your appointment early.


Azusa Canyon. I’ve never actually seen it in the daytime.


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