Making my thirties dirty? Challenge Accepted!


I will be having a milestone birthday in four days. The big 3-0. A lot of women I know are worried about turning 30. You know, the whole fulfilling-society’s-expectations-of-what-should-be-accomplished-thing. The last I checked, it was being married (or at least engaged) and having children. If one or both of those accomplishments don’t happen by 30, a young woman is supposed to tear out her hair in some sort of midlife crisis and panic: What the @$#! have I been doing with my life?! I am ready to turn society’s unrealistic expectations upside down. When my sister and I were in high school, she told me, “Who says you should get married and have kids? Thirty is the prime of your life.” We had that conversation 13 years ago and I still remember it to this day. My little sis is absolutely right. A woman’s thirties is a time to celebrate. I am welcoming my thirties with open arms. It is trendy now to think of the thirties as “dirty”. While that’s a little silly, that idea does have its merits.  After all, 30 is such a more confident and sexy age than 20 in so many ways. Allow me to list a few:

1. When you’re 20 and other girls imply that you’re “loose” or “slutty”, you get defensive and feel hurt. When you’re 30, it’s a compliment. You smile and say “Thank you.”

2. You feel more confident at 30 than you did at 20. Older adults no longer intimidate you. You tell everyone exactly what’s on your mind. And you don’t take any shit from anyone.

3. Sex is better at 30 than it is in your 20s and you’re not too shy to talk about it.

4. When you’re 30, you can call guys out on their BS much more easily than you could in your 20s. Girlfriends too.

5. When you’re 30, you no longer care about a guy thinking you’re “desperate” if you break some of the dating rules such as calling him after he ignores you just “to see what’s up” or asking him to hang out. Because honestly, you’re both getting what you want, aren’t you? (insert winky face)

The thirties are a time in your life when YOLO takes on a whole new meaning. You’re braver, cooler, more confident, and sexier than you could ever imagine you could be in your 20s. You want to grab life by the junk in ways you never thought you could before. You are young like you were in your 20s, only this time you have more experience and wisdom to not do all the stupid stuff you did then. And let me tell you, younger guys LOVE this. I’ve always dated younger guys, but now it’s getting even more fun because women hit their stride sexually in their 30s while guys hit their sexual stride in their early 20s. Put them together and it’s like YOWZA. I couldn’t be more optimistic and excited about turning 30. It really is the prime of your life. Excuse me while I make myself a dirty martini to toast my “dirty thirties.”


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